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Lincoln Laser Tag is proud to bring you top quality laser tag, arcade games, family fun and entertainment since 2005.

What is Laser Tag?
Laser Tag is a mildly aerobic, thrill seeking game that is fun for all ages! The object of the game is to score as many points as possible by tagging other players, while at the same time trying to avoid being tagged. Not only is our arena 6,840 square feet, but it can hold up to 30 players at a time, and is complete with fog, special effect lighting, and heart-pumping music that will leave players with an experience that they will never forget!

A regular session of Laser Tag takes about 20 minutes in total. During this time the players are doing an assortment of things to prepare for their mission. First, players enter the briefing room where they learn important rules and strategies for the game. Then, players enter the vesting room to get suited up. Finally, after all the players are ready to go, they enter into the arena and begin their 15 minute long, intense, action-packed game of Laser Tag!

But wait, there's more! Not only do we have our action packed game of laser tag, but we also have an arcade! Our arcade has a mix of 25 popular video games and redemption games to win tickets to get amazing prizes, Click here to see.

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